My NaNoWriMo features

A new month already? All the weeks are beginning to merge into one at the moment. Not entirely sure where the week ends and the weekend begins. Day job work is busier than ever and I find myself with that unerring feeling of spinning plates with the knowledge that something has got to give. 

Is is bad that I'm fed up with the constant lack of plain flour in shops? I just want to make some pancakes, or yorkshire puddings to go with dinner - too much to ask for? 

I'm not sure about you guys, but I'm feeling the strain of the lockdown, yet I'm also one of those people opposed to lifting it. Contradiction? yes, but for good reason. No, I don't like the constant pressure to stay indoors, I like it to be my choice to stay in, but I understand the need for the lockdown. Do I think a more drastic lockdown should've been enforced? Maybe. People still have to get groceries (which for the first time since lockdown began I will actually be having delivered in around 10 days), but too many people are flaunting the rules. How many people have you seen "out for exercise" in regular clothes not gym gear? Don't worry, I appreciate you don't have to be in your best lycra to go out for a walk, but some people are taking the mickey. 

Do I think the masks are a good idea? Not entirely sure to be fair. I'm rather sat on the fence with the masks. Society has been given so many mixed messages - yes they work, no they don't - wonder anybody knows what to do. I do have some reuseable masks just in case and I do carry on with me when I go out, it just takes a little geting used to, having something across my face like that - normally if a person went out wearing a mask, they'd be arrested on suspicion of burglary!

One bonus of the social distancing - I now feel like I have the personal space afforded to me when I'm in Nottingham (my home town) while I'm still here in London! I actually have elbow room when getting my groceries - and don't get me started on people's manners. Some are better than others, granted, but I have never heard people near here be so polite to each other!

I know the weather has been lovely and sunny, hopefully it will carry on (I have a balcony to finish decorating!) but I wish people would just listen to the Doctors who are telling you to stay indoors. I know it isn't ideal, if you have a garden to enjoy - lucky you. Spare a thought for those without an outdoor space, whose living room doubles as a playground, dining room and more. If you have got to be outside, be in your garden, pot some plants, sow some pepper seeds in pots and see how many bell peppers you can grow, and don't forget the tomatoes. Just don't head for the coast because you fancy dipping your toes in sand. 

You're not alone in all this lockdown and pandemic malarkey. Just don't be selfish. Think about others when you step your front door and head for the car. Are you going our because you have to or because you fancy it? 

Stay safe. 

Welcome back to the mini series. 

Another wek has passed and I haven't ventured out! Last Sunday morning, my other half and I went to the local Lidl supermarket - a couple of miles from our home and we arrived in plenty of time for opening, but the queue was still quite a way away from the store even at that time. He stayed in the car, claiming he would get bored so he left me to queue and do the shopping - not that I minded.

I haven't been out of our home since. Good job too as deliveries have arrived thick and fast this week, just one left to come. 

I do feel like I'm beginning to go a little stir crazy at times. I'm trying to do little jobs around the home to keep my mind occupied but it is so tough. Working from Home has gone very quickly from a luxury we could do on occasion to the new normal and as such it is far too easy to work all hours and finding the home/work balance isn't easy. 

I'm baking more than ever at the moment, not that my other half is complaining. I'm enjoying that, and scratch cooking our dinners too. 

One good thing about being at home all the time is that it allows me to work on my studies too. speaking of which, I'd better go, my assignment won't write itself! see you next time x

What week are we on? I've forgotten! Time seems to be moving at a whole new pace between working my day job at home, then being "on leave" from the day job and then heading back to the day job again next week. Honestly, I feel like one week is merging into the next! I suppose the difficulty comes in the fact that there is no change of enviroment, no change of pace irrespective of whether I'm working from home or not.

I have been doing some home work though, I'm working to try and finish my writing course, and in the midst of that an idea floating about in my head for a while for a book came to fruition and I've been maing notes on that as well.

I'd say back to reality next week, but what does that mean anymore? I could't tell you. We're in lockdown for another 3 weeks, I'll carry on working as I ususally do, queue to get into and out of the grocery store and then carry on again.

Who knows, maybe this lockdown malarkey will do us all some good, once we can get out of our own heads and find our rhythms again. Think of the good it will do the enviroment, and nature as a whole. Think of the good it will do your family when you know you can spend more time with them and think of the good it will do you to just sit back and just let it be.

Self discovery is a good thing in my mind at the moment. I've found that in the midst of all the madness, I can actually sit back and think. I've been reading more than I have in months and I can actually catch up on things I love doing like baking, cooking and crochet. I'm also discovering what I want from my life. I've been able to take stock of things and work out what is important to me. It's about enjoying the little things in life. 

I know that making the move down south permanent will be a good thing for me, I'm oddly calmer being here, I'm not as stressed as I have been and feel like I have a pressure released that I didn't even realise I had stored up.

Maybe things will all change again the coming weeks, maybe it won't, but it will be interesting to see.    



Good Morning everyone, Happy Easter to those who celebrate the festival! 


So, as you can see by the photograph I've posted, I have spent part of the last week working outside on the balcony, watching the world go by. I took the photo on Friday afternoon (I'm far too pale to sit in the sun) while taking the opportunity to sit outside on my newly tidy balcony and get some work done. 


This is the end of the third week of working from home, being on lockdown and I can say I am finding my routine when it comes to setting up to work from home, but it is dangerously easy to work far above and beyond the normal working pattern. I can hear you asking how or why. Simple answer, my "office" is also my bedroom, so I see my work station every time I go to bed. I can lay on my bed and read but spend half the time thinking I should be working, clearing just one more email from the inbox, sending one more piece of work off. 


Even more challenging for me in the coming week is that I am on annual leave. That means a week of not working on my day job, whilst remaining at home due to lockdown and therefore looking around the same rooms, the same walls and without a break.


On the outside, all seems ok with me, but mentally? I’m struggling. I’m already feeling like I’m nervous to go out even to the supermarket for groceries. I’m worried that by the time lockdown is lifted, I won’t be able to step outdoors. That is why I am glad that I was able to tidy up the balcony and make some space out there to sit and get some air. It isn’t much, but it makes all the difference to be able to go outside and just breathe.


I don’t have much of an update for you this week. But next week may be eventful – It is my other half’s birthday on Wednesday. I’m thinking about setting up a mini treasure hunt type game for him to find his present! I’ll let you know how it goes!

Take care, stay home, stay safe x

I've spent part of the week working outside on the balcony