Welcome Book Club Members

Happy New year! This marks the one year anniversary of the book club!

I'm going to start you off this month with a book I absolutely loved when I read it last year.

Your book for January 2020 is "The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen aged 83 1/4" by Hendrik Groen. This is possibly the funniest account of life in a Care Home I have ever read.

Enjoy! x

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to the book club. I hope you're enjoying the books so far. 

Your read for this month is "You and Me Always" by Jill Mansell. 

Enjoy, and I'll see you again next month. 

Stay safe, and as always, Keep Reading! x

Happy November!! I hope you've been enjoying some interesting books so far.
I have a good one for you this month, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm sure you will too.
Your read for November is "Still Alice" by Lisa Genova.
Enjoy and as always, Keep Reading!! x

October generally means one thing for me - Spooky Reading! So for this month I'm going to give you a choice of books to read, or rather a choice of Authors.

You can choose a book from;

Anne Rice

James Herbert

Stephen King

Clive Barker

or a wildcard (a book completely of your choosing). The Wildcard must be in keeping with the October theme of Spooky reads, so can be a horror/ghost story/paranormal romance.

Let me know what you choose!

Hi everyone! So I have set a twist for September's read. If you're not a fully fledged member of the book group (on FaceBook as Emma James' Book Club), you won't be able to take part. 

Happy September!! So I have a whole new challenge for you this month. I want you to click on the cover photo for the group, it shows one of my book cases....You have to chose one of the books on my bookcase to read!

I will also say that the picture doesn't quite show all of the books I have on there, I also have Nalini Singh's 'Psy-Changeling' series, Charlaine Harris' 'True Blood' series, books by my amazing friend, Peter Luther as well as James Patterson and more.

I want you to pick a book by an author you haven't read before. Take a chance with your reading, you never know, you might just like it! Let me know who you have decided to read. Only one rule. The author must feature on my book case.

Enjoy, and as always, Keep Reading! xx